Our National heroes

SAS has been proud corporate sponsors of the NRL with the Manly Sea Eagles for the past 13 consecutive years as well as sponsoring the Parramatta Eels and Panthers for the past 6 years. We are immensely proud of our continued commitment to our teams.

What started out as working-class sport in England and Australia is now, arguably, one of the countries most followed sports. Us Aussies just love our NRL! And this is what makes it such a great Business-to-Business opportunity for many businesses. SAS is no exception. We believe it is a great opportunity for our company to promote our brand, products and services.

Our Local Heroes

However, it is not just about promoting our brand on the main arena. On a more micro level we also sponsor local cricket teams as we believe sport is one of the best ways for children and young people to keep fit and engage with the community. Sport is known to make us happier, healthier and less anxious and in these challenging times this can be life changing, not just for the young player but for the family or friends cheering them on.

We wish to champion sport and our business to mutually serve our community.