50 million litres water saved annually = 20 Olympic sized swimming pools

Lead, cadmium, zinc and other nasties filtered out to keep our surf pristine and safe

300KL stormwater
collection tank installed under Bondi’s grasslands for improved water security


A shared vision

The Bondi stormwater project was a Waverley Council initiative designed to align with their ongoing commitments to sustainable water management. Proudly supported by the NSW Government’s Climate Change Fund under the Water Recycling and Stormwater Harvesting Program, this scheme was instrumental in improving local water security and adapting for changing weather patterns.

Making this vision a reality required a partner with shared values and a mutual respect for environmental responsibility. The Council recognised SAS as an industry leader in water solution technology, with an aligned ambition to protect the ocean and save valuable resources in the process. Together, we acknowledge that climate change requires us to think, act and adapt in a sustainable way. Together, we have a mutual vision and responsibility to do everything possible to reduce our impact on the planet. Drawing on our extensive expertise and experience, SAS supplied and installed the Bondi stormwater harvesting system that remains operational today.

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Iconic Bondi leads the sustainable charge

It’s hard to believe that Waverley Council once drew most of their water from the mains supply just to keep Bondi’s parklands looking her very best. Not only did this mean that 50 million litres of valuable drinking water was wasted flushing the local amenities, but that all the contaminated stormwater was simply piped straight back out untreated into our beautiful ocean. High levels of local traffic around the busy Campbell Parade precinct area meant that local swimmers and marine life were regularly mingling with pollutants, toxins and heavy metals. Motivated by an ongoing sustainable water management and security initiative, coupled with a determination to take climate change responsibility seriously, Waverley Council took an incredibly bold and pioneering step.

An ambitious design was developed that would allow SAS to implement methodology to remove harmful materials, pollutants and pathogens, filter and disinfect the water, and finally store it for reuse. This scheme brought about multiple community benefits – conserving natural resources, protecting the environment and preserving one of the world’s most iconic beaches. An underground collection tank also ensured that space was maximised for recreational use as well as protecting water supplies during drought conditions.

The operation was so successful that Waverley Council immediately commissioned SAS to construct a replica system for use at nearby Bronte and Tamarama, creating a ground-breaking environmental blueprint for beachside water management.

The SAS Water Solution

We help make the surf cleaner, keep the grass greener and
save valuable drinking water along the way.

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