Always striving for better

Central to the success of SAS as a premier water treatment solutions provider, is our constant desire to improve the status quo. We are innovators at heart, and this will not change as we push into the future. This philosophy has been at our core from the foundation of the business and continues to be the cornerstone of what we do. Whilst conventional wisdom serves its purpose, we believe there is always a better way, and this fundamental belief fuels our R&D team every day. It is the reason our research projects have been so successful.

Game changers

Most of our R&D programs have spawned from the real-world problems our teams have seen on site and then raised during our regular collaboration meetings. This makes us unique. We are not ones to keep our innovations locked away; we take our primary research into the real-world, with our Government partners. By sharing our research and providing the robust data needed to make regulation changes, we have assisted the Government in implementing stricter water treatment regulations, leading to improved public safety outcomes for the wider community.

Protecting our community

We are constantly researching ways to improve the water industry and treatment programs. This not only extends the lifespan of our client’s equipment but importantly these improvements mitigate microbial issues before they become a problem.

How can our R&D team help you?