Cooling water treatment – Chemicals

Inhibitors used for prevention of scale and control of corrosion in water systems to ensure our customer’s assets are operating efficiently and effectively, increasing efficiency and longevity.

Biocides in cooling water treatment are critical for the prevention of harmful bacteria such as legionella. Whether organic or inorganic in nature, the biocides when dosed appropriately, minimise the risk to the community and environment from the proliferation of said bacteria.

Acids and Alkalis are used for pH control to ensure systems are running at optimum efficiency.

Specialty cleaners are applied when cooling or closed loop water systems need a pre-flush or an online clean. They are most effective in helping prepare the water systems for ongoing chemical treatment.

Boiler water treatment – Chemicals

Why do we need chemical water treatment for boiler systems? The answer is relatively simple, as if left untreated, will have serious consequences on the performance and longevity of your asset. The combination of oxygen and water, when in a boiler system leads to pitting and thinning of pipe and tube surfaces.

Inhibitors are dosed for scale and corrosion control, ensuring your assets are operating efficiently and effectively. This increases the longevity and minimises your environmental footprint.

Boiler Oxygen Scavengers are used to remove dissolved oxygen from the boiler feedwater and boilers. Dissolved oxygen in the boiler is very corrosive at higher temperatures and pressures. This may lead to localised pitting and premature boiler tube failure or excessive feedwater leaks.

Acids and Alkalis are used for pH control to ensure systems are running at optimum efficiency.

Brine and Resins are used to condition the boiler feedwater for optimum water characteristics to effect efficient steam generation

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