Our expertise

Our people are at the forefront of everything we do! Ensuring that our technicians are qualified and highly trained in the implementation of sustainable water treatment, health risk mitigation and maintenance programs is an integral part of our success.

We focus on the continued professional development of our technicians, building their skills and knowledge in all aspects of what we do. We work on a case-by-case basis to provide specialty water treatment services that place a premium on the health and safety of all involved parties.

SAS is also innovative when it comes to the sustainable reuse of water from rainwater harvesting systems and the maintenance of water quality in water features, public pools, swim schools, strata systems, resorts, theme parks, and hydrotherapy facilities.

High risk equals hi-tech

Hydrotherapy facilities play an integral role in the patient recovery program for many individuals, therefore water quality is critical for patient health.

Operating at warmer temperatures and higher bather loads than traditional aquatic facilities, these systems are often classed within the high-risk category for water-borne pathogens. To mitigate this risk our highly trained team provides these facilities with a holistic treatment plan that incorporates specific disinfection programs, delivery systems, testing, cleaning, and maintenance services.

SAS’s expertise in this area has seen us tasked with overseeing the on-going maintenance of many hydrotherapy facilities across Australia.

Long-standing clients

We work across a diverse range of aquatic applications with clients ranging from regional and local communities, municipal and governmental organisations, golf courses, strata buildings, sporting facilities to public and private hospitals and aged care facilities.

Our dedication to excellence and our thorough approach has resulted in the foundation of long-standing client relationships.


Water Features

Water features are becoming an ever-increasing component of green space design in cities and towns around Australia. Whilst this is a welcome aesthetic addition to our towns, it can pose a significant risk to the community if water-borne pathogens are not adequately controlled.

SAS specialise in treating these highly prominent water features. We use a tailored approach that ensures we always deliver a sanitation system that meets current legislative requirements, mitigating any such risk to the community.

Our integrated approach

Our ability to develop and implement a water treatment approach which integrates mechanical, chemical, and biological treatment principles ensures you always get the most sustainable and efficient solution to maximise system and equipment longevity. And it’s the use of our proprietary chemical blends in particular that prevents the damage conventional sanitation systems cause.

The implementation of the SAS Sentinel system to continually monitor the critical elements involved in ensuring the system is appropriately sanitised is a critical factor in the risk management process. Our systems are remotely monitored 24/7, with alarms delivered directly to our team of technicians, who can make adjustments anytime, day or night.


Making water safer for the community