Boiler and Cooling Services

SAS has an in-depth knowledge of water treatment for Boiler Water Systems and Cooling Systems. Our expert team are skilled and conversant with the water cycle so we can offer a truly integrated approach to ensure your systems are not only operating efficiently and effectively, but with minimal risk to your assets, the environment and individuals.

We need to treat water

There are three main processes for the water treatment of feed-water for Boilers and make-up water for Cooling Towers:

  • The removal of calcium and magnesium ions – the main offenders in scale-forming processes.
  • The removal of all or part of dissolved solids.
  • The elimination of water-borne pathogens in cooling towers

Running hot and cold

Boiler water systems generate steam which is an essential requirement for electrical or mechanical power generation and for heat creation. Cooling water is required in many manufacturing processes in the production of goods and for the Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC&R) sector.

Water – not as pure as it looks

There are dissolved salts and solids present in natural water supplies such as bicarbonates, chlorides, sulphates, nitrates of calcium, magnesium, sodium, together with silica, and sometimes small amounts of iron, manganese, and aluminium. The more problematic of these are calcium and magnesium, which cause water “hardness”. If not treated correctly this can lead to scale deposits forming in boiler and cooling water systems.

Living organisms are also present in natural water supplies and under ideal conditions can form deadly bacteria, such as Legionella. Cooling systems, if not managed correctly, can provide the perfect breeding conditions for the proliferation of these kinds of bacteria.

No cookie cutter approach

We understand the unit operations in play, how and where the water comes into contact with the process, and how to find the best solution for your asset. Our dedicated team thoroughly survey your site to ensure an accurate assessment of your equipment, as well as determining the appropriate chemicals or biocides for your system. As we are not aligned with any particular supplier, we can build, design, implement and treat your water with quality and safety in mind.


Are your systems safe and efficiently run?