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SITE DETAILS:Waverley Council has implemented sustainable water management measures at Bondi Beach including:• Stormwater harvesting and reuse• Stormwater treatmentSAS Water Solutions won an open tender from Waverley Council for the construction of a stormwater harvest and reuse scheme at Bondi beach.

SAS Water Solutions were responsible for the supply, installation, commissioning and maintaining of all components of the system. The harvesting & reuse system was designed by Equatica.

The site for harvesting was located at the south end of Bondi beach using Sydney Water stormwater infrastructure and adding a take-off point to fill the new harvesting system.



SAS Water Solutions have constructed the Water Treatment Plant for the Stormwater harvesting system, which includes the equipment listed:

• Gross particle removal

• Rain Sensor System Bypass

• Fine particle removal

• Parameter Monitoring – UVT, pH, flow

• UV disinfection

• Distribution System

• 300,000L In ground Storage Tank


SAS perform regular quarterly chemical testing of all systems. Our scope of supply also includes the biological and chemical compliance sampling on site.



The entire system is managed, monitored and maintained by SAS Water Solutions include the following:

• Pre-filtration system

• pH Meter

• UV System

• UVT Meter

• Flow meters




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