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It has been well known that a typical filter shows inactive efficiency in treating wastewater due to a

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fixed pore structure.
VPMF (Variable Pore-structure Micro Filter) is equipped with a filter mounted in the inner flange of the pressure vessel,
which micro-fiber is cut at equal length and then remodeled into a cylindrical shape. In filtering, the pressure from the
inflow of raw water compresses the fiber and then the filtering is initiated by the depth of the laminated fibers.

VPMF forms a temporary filter structure by compressing the laminated micro fiber layers according to water flow, and then,
by backwashing, dissolves such laminated layers or finally the filter structure. In other words, VPMF conducts a depth filtering
against laminated micro layers, and then easily separates the pollutants gathered between the micro fibers during the dissolution of the layers.

The size of the particles that VPMF can filter are

  • 25 micron (LQ)
  • 5 micron (MQ)
  • 1 micron (HQ)
  • 0.5 micron (SQ)
  • 0.2 micron (SQ)