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Waverley Council selected SAS Water in 2015 to construct a new state-of-the art underground stormwater recycling system in Tamarama Park to improve water quality at Tamarama Beach,whilst conserving mains water and saving money. The system is very similar to the ones already in place at Bondi Park and Bronte and will involve associated works to improve the look and feel of Tamarama Park.


The system will collect, treat and recycle polluted stormwater that would otherwise flow into the beach. The system will capture runoff water from our homes, streets and businesses for treatment and recycling. Once collected, the system will remove large pollutants like sediments and litter from the water. Water will then be directed to a 170 million litre underground storage tank (roughly the size of two average swimming pools) where it will undergo a UV filtration and disinfection process to remove any fine particles and bacteria. The recycled water will then be clean and ready to use for irrigating the park, flushing toilets in the amenities block and for planting and Bushcare activities. Any remaining filtered water will be discharged into Tamarama Beach.


The system will produce at least 14 million litres of clean recycled water,which will be used for irrigating the park, improving local bushland through Bushcare activities and flushing toilets in the park.


The system has been successfully commissioned and now operational since 2015-16.


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