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Project Name: RMT – Recycled Water
Customer Name: Renewed Metal Technologies (RMT)
Location: Bomen, New South Wales
Year Completed: 2013
Project Overview:
Renew Metal Technology recycles lead contained in batteries.RMT has been imposed by the EPA to collect and treat all surface water.

It is a requirement that the detention provided has enough capacity to accommodate major rain events without uncontrolled discharge to the environment.

Proposed Solution:
The run-off water and plant wash-off water streams are collected in a 1,500 m³ stormwater pond.The salinity of the water being unsuitable for irrigation, Micro-filtration combined to Nanofiltration were piloted tested prior to full scale plant development.
Key Benefits:
The pilot testing helped in tailoring the membrane filtration tertiary treatment. (coagulant dose rates, membrane recovery data, metal reduction…) 

The Water quality is suitable for irrigation and could also be re-used onsite (Truck washing station…)

Process Description:
RMT Flow