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As a valued customer of SAS Water Solutions Pty Ltd, we would like to draw your attention to the Australian Standard AS 4775-2007 Emergency Eyewash & Shower Equipment. This Standard stipulates a minimum performance and user requirement for Eyewash and Shower equipment for the emergency treatment of Eyes & Body of a person who has been exposed to Chemicals & Materials which may cause the risk of injuries.

By definition of Australian Standards, the Eyewash Unit is a device specifically designed and intended to deliver flushing fluid in sufficient volume to irrigate and flush both the eyes”.


Regulatory & Compliance:

It is also a requirement of Regulatory bodies ie. WorkCover Australia and Worksafe Australia that “if the eyes or body of any person could come in contact with any chemical substance that could cause injury, such as corrosive chemicals and the like, a way of quickly drenching or flushing eyes and body must be provided within the immediate work area”.


SAS Eyewash Station Unit


The Eyewash Station Unit comes in a compact sturdy SAS case and includes:
• 2 x eyewash bottles
• 2 pairs of disposable gloves
• 2 packs of ear plugs
• 2 x safety dusk masks
• 1 x safety glasses


The Eyewash Station Unit can be used both Indoors and Outdoors.


Please contact your nearest SAS Water sales or service representative to obtain this product. Replacement refills are also available by contacting your nearest SAS Water sales or service representative.


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