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SAS Water Solutions was shortlisted and selected by Lend Lease and Branagaroo Development Authority after a long tendering process for the supply, installation, commissioning and support for 24 months of all equipment and controls including all associated equipment, pumps, pipework, valves, instrumentation, control systems and ancillaries plus Penstock gate valves, seepage pump out-pits etc associated with the B3 pump room for the North Headland Park, Sydney CBD


The system is fully operational and being used for continuous supply of recycled Class A+ treated water for irrigation at the Headland Park site and now open to Public since the start of 2016


Key system components include: 
- Irrigation pump sets
- Irrigation UV treatment
- Irrigation electro chlorination system
- Auto-sampler
- Inlet filter system
- Seepage to Sewer pump set
- Iron Removal filter
- Operation and Control system (PLC/HMI Touch screen)